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The installation and operation of the electric vibrator Before installing the electric vibrator shall determine the installation position is carefully chosen, in order to ensure the best work mounting surfaces must be clean, flat. Non flat mounting surface due to torsional vibration vibrator body vibrator is not working properly. The electric vibrator installation should as far as possible to make the ball, roller, the flow direction of motion of the piston to the material support. The air inlet direction can easily determine the correct installation position. The role of electric vibrator It is actually a motor vibration do call display, many occasions such as the meeting, class, in order not to affect the other mobile phone ringing, and vibration to notice, so that a call, vibrator work needs to be matched by driving circuit Pneumatic vibrator 1, only the compressed air as the power source, small consumption, safe and energy saving. Is the ideal device for use in the freezer or high temperature environment, suitable for wet, dry ash or explosive environment 2, small size, less failure, easy installation and maintenance 3, stop or start fast, suitable for manual or automatic system. 4, the vibration force, vibration frequency and amplitude can be adjusted, in motion. 5, a wide range of applications, the fatigue test is applied to the parts or components; jitter, compaction hopper; linear and bowl feeder, sieve and sieve shaker and mixing equipment. Such as filling machine, coating machine, leakage meter, feeder, conveyor belt, dehydration, particle suspension. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, feed, ceramics, glass, cement, fuel and other powder processing industry; a variety of models to fit Use the matters needing attention High frequency electric vibrators are now increasingly more be used in industrial production process, therefore, for the safe and effective use become very important. The following are a few points on the high frequency electric vibrators use matters needing attention. First, the motor power supply provided with a high-frequency vibrator, staff should be installed effectively leakage protection device, grounding or earthing device, which can ensure the safe and reliable. Second, the need for high frequency vibrator in peacetime operations staff related to the need for electricity education, should wear insulated shoes and with insulating gloves, protective equipment staff during operation. Third, the cable is equipped with high frequency vibrator, staff should meet the needs of production and operation in the process of the cable length, it can not heap objects, or cannot make the vehicle extrusion operations, is also prohibited the use of cable for electric vibrator were dragging or hanging. ...
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